Shelby Cahalan

5 Must Haves for Baby

Shelby Cahalan
5 Must Haves for Baby

As a mom of four, I am basically a beast at shopping for anything baby or kid related. I could literally do it for hours, throw me all the small shop links, take me to Target, honestly, these are the things I dream about at night.  

Is there anything better than shopping for a new baby? If so, I don't know what it is. There's something so exciting about preparing for your new little one, and with all the options out there, it's easy to over buy, take it from a serial shopaholic. If you're doing this baby thing practically or on a budget, I have so much respect for you (I have craft beer taste on a Busch Light budget), here is my break down of the top five items I couldn't live without for our newest baby. 

Dock A Tot 


If you have social media, or have done much research on newer baby items, I am almost certain you have seen all the hype. I was honestly skeptical at first, I mean, its kind of pricey. Will we even use it that much? I've already spent a pretty penny on some super cute and trendy clothes for him. I even polled everyone on Facebook about it. Literally, unanimous answer, YES! Get it. Now that he's here, and almost 8 weeks old (seriously, HOW does it go so fast), I am so incredibly happy we have it. Here's the thing, it's approved for overnight sleep, and he has slept in it every night since birth. I had a c-section with him, so sometimes certain movements were painful. With this, he can be right next to me, and I didn't have to move in odd positions to get to him when needed. Truly a lifesaver. He's all cushioned in there, and is so snug with the way it surrounds him. What's even better, there is an arch attachment with toys to keep them cooing and happy while you make dinner, get that load of laundry folded, or, you know, sit on your ass eating bonbons. Seriously, bite the bullet. Click here and at least check out what they're offering. 

Itzy Ritzy Boss Bag


Working in a pediatric clinic is actually like kryptonite for me. I see kids all day long, which means I also see all the latest gear and accessories, all day long. That is how I came to own this beauty of a diaper bag. I already had 2 from our previous child, but I saw this and HAD TO HAVE IT. It is my favorite of all my diaper bags. It has multiple compartments inside, which is essential for me, packing for two little ones in diapers, plus snacks. There is a place for me to separate each of their diapers, a pocket for wipes, and big space for our portable bottle washing unit, plus, netted zipper pockets I keep burp cloths and change of clothes in. On the outside there is an insulated zipper pocket I throw his bottles in, and another cinched pocket I use for her sippy. Really, if this hasn't sold you already, just look at it. It is so sleek and stylish, it doesn't say diaper bag at all. In fact, I've had multiple people ask me if I thought it would work or double as a carry-on for them, and they don't even have kids yet. See how awesome I am at rationalizing purchases? My husband LOVES it. 

Wildbird Sling


I know, I know, my crunchy, hippie mom side is showing, but I absolutely love wearing my babies. The only downside to my twins was the fact I couldn't carry them together. I'm new to the Wildbird craze with Sonny, and I have to say, I am so sad I missed out earlier! Again, I was skeptical, so, I actually bought mine from a buy-sell-trade group on Facebook (how about THAT for a thrifty little save). Now that I have it...I NEED ALL THE COLORS. It is so comfy to wear, and he loves it so much. My Target trips are so much easier, and it keeps him out of the car seat for our little jaunts and errand running. I was really concerned I wouldn't be able to use it correctly or secure it well and then I'd get overwhelmed, but they have awesome videos posted to help, and the fellow slinging mom's in the B/S/T group are so incredibly willing to help a mom in need. Solidarity, ladies. Women supporting women. They release new slings with the change of seasons, and I am so desperate to get an amazing fall green - we both look like Instagram models in green, we're a very vain bunch at this house. 

Como Tomo Bottles


I've had these with my last two babes, and they never disappoint. Neither of them ever refused it, although I know it's entirely possible yours may, I still highly suggest at least trying this brand. They're made of a soft, silicone material, which I know is thoughtfully done by them to simulate a breast and allow for an easier transition, but I also find it's great with all the little helping hands around my house. This material choice also makes it safe to put in the dishwasher, boil, and microwave. I've never experienced any issues with the screw top leaking, so it's easy to throw in the bag and go. The nipples come in multiple flows so you can switch them out, and also have anti-colic vents to help reduce the amount of air they take in while eating. We have both the 5 oz and 7 oz bottles, and even purchased the handle add-on's for that awesome stage when they begin to hold their own bottles. That's honestly a milestone where you're like "thank god" and "omg, my baby needs to stop growing" at the exact same time. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro


Ok. Call me what you want, but this has been such a time saver for me. I feel like a spoiled brat. Basically, this is the Keurig of baby bottle world. It produces a bottle in 2 oz increments, mixed, and served at body temperature. Yeah. I know. It's freaking amazing. I think it's my favorite thing my Mom has ever gotten me...does she even know how much time she's shaved off my feeding schedule? How much extra sleep this gives me? What an angel. It was super easy to assemble, even my husband can do it (sorry babe, we both know you take forever to do things). It requires some maintenance, but very minimal. We clean the funnel weekly, and the compartments for water and formula monthly. I know this is specific to formula-fed babies, but it's so important to remember, breastfeeding doesn't work out for everyone. You should never feel guilty about going this route. I didn't even attempt to breastfeed my fourth because of how mentally exhausting and damaging my prior attempts were for my postpartum recovery. Do what works for you, mama. 

Everyone finds their own way of doing things and what works for them. These have all worked wonders in my house, and I hope it helps you prepare for your new little one! Enjoy all of the little moments, even the difficult ones. The days are long, but the years are short. 




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