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4 Small Shops for Your Modern Babe

Shelby CahalanComment
4 Small Shops for Your Modern Babe

So, stupid question, but who doesn't love shopping? And why not patronize our fellow Moms thriving in the 'hood when decking out our kids for a new season?

If you're anything like me, your husband jokingly comments AT LEAST once a week about a new package at the door daily. At least he pretends it's a joke, it's possible he's thinking, "Jesus Shelby, cool your shit, they can wear something more than once," and may secretly be removing my name off our bank accounts. Nevertheless, until the card is declined, I will do my part supporting the economy.

While shopping small may seem pricey, it doesn't have to be. Generally speaking, your ability to make that money back on resale sites, like Kidizen, is much higher through small shops than with mass produced, chain store items. Annnnnd I'm pretty sure Dave Ramsay would agree, that's, like, making money.

These are some of our FAVORITE shops! 



You can find her on IG and Etsy, and she literally makes the CUTEST headwraps for your little ones. Such good quality. She recently released her fall line, which includes turban style and tie headbands. The best part, you can match your babe! A lot of her options are neutral, which makes it easy to use them year round. There's always a promocode. But honestly, they're priced well without it. If you follow her on IG, she does run some specials in her stories. Best of all, you can keep up with those super cute babes of hers!


Stella & Lu

I seriously CANNOT get over these blankets, and I already have them on my radar for the upcoming holiday season. We have some of their loveys, which are perfect car-seat size for your newbs, and great for your toddler to snuggle to bed - seriously, SO soft. Also their full-size baby blankets are a dream. My youngest son (5 weeks) cannot get enough of his. He literally won't fall asleep without being wrapped in or draped with it. They even make adult ones, crib sheets, and boppy covers. Yes, seriously. The fabric options are endless, and they have some of THE CUTEST boho patterns. They too just released a fall line you can find on IG and Etsy. 




Anchore Deep

Where do I even start. Her clothes are soo flippin adorable. If my husband would allow it, I would spend ALL my paychecks here. The quality of these outfits is second to none, we get compliments on them ALL the time. These are for sure more geared toward your baby and toddlers. She makes beautiful rompers, swaddles, and sets, I just can't handle not owning all of them. The fabrics are soft, with fold over bands at the waist, so you can really extend the wear and get your moneys worth. Her fall line is BEAUTIFUL, super gender neutral, so you can pass it on down the line for all your precious babes. 


Sweet N Swag

I feel like these are so popular, you probably know ALL about it. But, these moccs are adorable, great quality, and at $20, with frequent sales and discount codes, completely affordable. They have really extended their options since I had my toddler. We literally own a pair in EVERY style: moccs, fringe booties, moxy's, and moxfords. As your child grows and is walking more, they even transition to rubber soles. These slip on so easily, I don't even have to help our toddler get them on. I'm not sure if you're familiar with how amazing that is, but you will be, the first time you have a screaming baby in a car-seat, two school-agers running out the door, leaving it wide open, and sweaty toddler feet awaiting their proper attire. 



Now, as a self-proclaimed shopping expert, with seriously adorable kids, I think you're totally set for stocking up on all the goods before fall. I can't wait to see how you style your little ones! Tag me at #freerangemamahood so I can check them out!