Unconventional Baby Shower Gifts and Why She'll Love Them

Unconventional Baby Shower Gifts and Why She'll Love Them

For the first-time mom, all new everything is all that's on her radar. She wants that baby to have the latest trends, and can't wait to drag her baby daddy to Target and Buy Buy Baby to register for all of the things. 

Then comes the experienced mom, expecting her second. Pink has become gender neutral, you realize you didn't even make it through half of the clothes you swore were necessary, really, you just want to replace some things (probably the ones stained from that newborn liqui-shit exploding up their back). Then maybe, just MAYBE get one of those new, trendy must-haves that is supposed to make your life easier. 

Gone are the days of just having one shower, with your first babe. Today, many people have "sprinkles" with each kid, because why not celebrate? At the very least, you'll be gifting your close friends and family with each new little blessing. 

Here are some unconventional gift ideas that will have her forever grateful that you are in her life.


Housekeeping/Cleaning Service

Whether it's for a pre-baby deep clean, or after she's up to her eyeballs in diapers and finally has that mini-meltdown over the disarray her house is in since graduating to second-time mom status, very few things feel better than walking into an immaculate house that was made possible at the hands and expense of anyone but you. Obviously, this isn't in everyone's budget, but you can lighten the financial load by getting a few other people in on it. Give that mama a break! 


Gift Card for Salon Services

As a mom, it's natural to put yourself on the back-burner. Self care after kids consists of jumping in the shower and hoping to at least get through cleaning your lady bits before the baby screams, or the toddler opens the shower door to tell you that you gave her the wrong yogurt yesterday for snack. Getting your hair done is a delicacy in mom world. You feel like a whole new woman. A couple hours to yourself, living vicariously through your stylist, while she massages your scalp, and reminds you what your hair looks like outside of a top bun. This is every new mom's secret fantasy. It's the first time in weeks her hair will see shampoo without the word "dry" in front of it. Find out her favorite spot, slip her that gift card, and say "treat yo self, girl."


Plan A Girls Day

Let's face it, as much as we love our squishy faced bundles of joy, the two hour sleep increments, spit-up, and lack of contact with the rest of the human race wreaks havoc on your inner social butterfly! That's where YOU come in, friends. Talk to her hubs or her mom, and set up a day to get her out of the house, child-free. Meet up with the girls for a movie, mani/pedi, or some drinks with lunch and get your Sex and the City on! Catch her up on everything she's been missing, and on the way home crank up the Tupac,and bring out that hood mama. She will be so grateful to finally let loose and feel involved in your life again, the way it used to be. 


Meal Service Subscription

Rumor has it breastfeeding really burns the calories. I call bull shit. You know what really causes that postpartum weight loss? The fact that you're too busy nourishing your babe to even remember, you're supposed to eat too! By the time you remember, you're so exhausted that making something just seems like too much. Cue the meal service. They say food is the way to a man's heart. False. It's the way to a MOM'S heart. 


Now, in theory all of these seem like something she could just set up herself, right? Well, she won't. Money is tight on maternity leave, even if you're one of the lucky ones who receives pay. There are unexpected expenses, hospital bills, diapers and wipes (you know the routine), the last person she will be thinking of spending money on is herself. Frivolous spending goes out the window. So I urge you, make it rain on this mama! 





*Photo courtesy of Jo Johnson Photography*