What I've Learned Having Sisters

If you’re a sister, I know you hear me when I say growing up with all girls is the equivalent of surviving The Hunger Games. Now that I’m a mom, I’m not sure who it felt like that for more, our parents, or us? Nonetheless, here we all are to tell the tales and the horrors that are sisterhood.

I can distinctly remember at least one hundred conversations with my parents where I questioned why? Why, in the name of God, could they not have given me a brother? Now that I’m in my thirties, although there are still instances I may dream of filling a pillowcase with bars of soap and beating the shit out of them with it (yasssss, Step Brothers), I feel like I’ve really come to appreciate everything my sisters have taught me.


No One Has Your Back Like Your Sister

Growing up my older sister and I fought, like RHWONJ style. At least it felt like it at the time, I could’ve totally flipped the kitchen table over to rip out her weave, if only she had one! What I've learned the older I've become, even if my sisters and I have a knock-down, drag out argument, if I needed them for something going on in my life, I could call them 30 minutes later, and they will be there. No questions asked. No apologies spoken. 

I can recall a time in my early twenties, my sister was at a bar with her friends and text me about another girl there giving her a hard time, actually pushing her at one point. My kids were with their dad, and I was just laying low at home that night. I physically went to this bar, RBF, mean mug on lock. I walk over by my sister, just a look...and homegirl left the bar. Now, let’s be honest, of all my sisters, I have the best RBF, I'm absolutely the most intimidating (oddly enough also the most sensitive)...but if I needed my sisters to put like, a care bear in their place....they'd be all up on it. 


Distance Really Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder


My older sister and I made the mistake of living together straight out of high school, and then I’m pretty sure a couple times since then, and I can tell you it was unpleasant for both of us. When we talk about it people think we’re joking, because we are viewed as being close. Which we are, NOW, and that’s because we have our space from each other. We still live within blocks of each other, our daughters go to the same small, in-home daycare, we text daily, even if it’s just a meme or emoji. We’re completely involved in each other’s day-to-day life, we just aren’t up each other’s asses, knowing each and every move.  The same is true with my younger sisters, the distance and time between seeing each other, really makes the time we do get together so much more important and well spent.


We Are the Party


Ok, I know every solid sisterhood thinks they could have their own show, but we seriously could. I have 3 sisters, but I also have an aunt that grew up like a sister to us, and I swear, we could be the Walmart version of the Kardashian’s…I know exactly who would be who.

When Ash was getting married a few years ago, we did her bachelorette party right here in Omaha, and we had the BEST time. Our little sister came up from Arkansas, and we lit up the town! We had so much fun hopping bar to bar, making ALL of the friends, and meeting ALL of the guys, I literally think we met EVERY person in the Old Market that night, and I’m pretty sure I tried EVERY drink. It was such a blast, who needs Vegas!? My point is, my sisters and I could be anywhere with each other, and it would be fun, because we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, even if it is only for a limited amount of time.


I Might Be the Brother?

We already know I always wished for a brother…but as time goes on I’ve realized, I might actually BE the brother. The first time I realized this was when guys hit on my younger sister at the bar, and I single-handedly shut them all down before they finished talking. It’s possible I even threatened one? Jo would have to confirm that. The times I most realize this might be reality is when my sisters call me crying. I’m not sure why I’m the one they always call for this. I’m pretty sure they plan it out because they know how uncomfortable crying makes me. I legit have NO clue how to handle crying, like what do I do with my hands? Why are you making that ugly face? Also, calm down, and grab a Kleenex, bro. It’s all too much for me, like I will listen, and I love you, but get your shit together, or call Mom first.


There’s No Such Thing as a Secret

In a world full of girls, you think you are confiding in one of your sisters, but do not be fooled. They probably had a conversation with one of those other little shit heads about it too. It’s not even in a mean way, we just all bounce stuff off each other on how to handle things with each other. Some of us are better with certain things than others. But I for sure won’t tell my older sister when I get a tattoo that I don’t want my dad to know about again. That was her actual FIRST phone call…dick move, Ash.


Loyalty is Priceless

I learned everything I know about loyalty having sisters. I don’t know if it is just my nature, or if it was from how our parents raised us, when I care about someone, I am loyal to a fault! I try really hard to support my sisters in anything they choose to do, as long as it makes them happy. Even if I don’t agree, I will even pretend I do in front of my brothers-in-law if I really need to. This is exactly what I try to teach my kids now, cradle to grave, your siblings are everything. It is so important to me that they have that in each other, because I know I have that in all of my sisters. I’ll call you out if you’re being a dick though!


Blood is Thicker Than Everything

Time and time again in my life not just my sisters, but my whole family has taught me the importance of our family bond. Our parents all get along, we’ve never been separated by “half” or “whole” sisters, we’re all just sisters to each other. Through all of the laughs, the inside jokes, tears, triumphs, and tribulations, I’ve always known my sisters would be there. My sisters have sat through DAYS of divorce court, countless hours of boy problems, through all of my phases of life they have been my biggest supporters. While they have no problem calling me on my shit or telling me when they think I’m in the wrong. They also never fail to remind me of my worth and all that I am capable of.


There’s Always Someone Else to Blame

If I learned anything from my oldest sister, it was the art of leaving a false trail of evidence. I’ve always been chubbier than my sister, she used that to her advantage when we were younger, she always snuck Oreo’s from the jar overnight and when our Dad and step mom noticed the next day and everyone assumed it was the little chunk, Ash never ONCE owned up to it. It wasn’t even uncovered until adulthood that she pulled all that sneaky shit! That’s why she will be my first phone call if ever I need to hide a body. Who needs a Law & Order episode!?


Your Kids Will Always Have a Village


I’ve been a depressed mom, a single mom, a happy mom, a married mom, and through all my phases of motherhood, my kids have always had a village. A lady can only spread herself so thin, and that’s where family comes in. I’ve had so many activities and events to get to for all our kids, when I can’t get to something, I know at least one of my sisters (or brothers-in-law) will be there to lend a set of hands and loud mouth to cheer them on. I am blessed with family close by, and parents who drop anything to help when we need it, but to have all of that and sisters who carve out hours of their day to lend a helping hand, one of us is bound to rub off some sort of good on these little shits.