From Muggle to Mrs

Oh my goodness, guys, I'm so behind the times lately. I've taken some time to just do my own thing and focus on our family and being present. Now, here we are and I have so many things I can update you on! 

March was such a busy month for us, and if you follow me on IG, you know I had my hands full with some pretty intense and elaborate Harry Potter themed parties. I had every intention of getting a quick blog up of all the details, but between soccer, wrestling, work, motherhood, and a wedding, here we are a few months later, and I'm just now getting to it. Such is this beautifully chaotic shit show of a life I love!

So this has been a few years in the making, but when my little sister finally called and told me she was engaged, the first thing I thought of was all of the fun I could have putting a Harry Potter spin on a bridal shower for her. I mean sure I was happy for them, ecstatic to officially add my fourth sister in the mix, but as the self-proclaimed Queen of party planning, I had ALL of the ideas! Truth be told I LIVE for a good party, and if I could make a good living from it, I would quit my job and plan parties all the days of my life in a heartbeat! 

Jo opening up one of her “date boxes”

Jo opening up one of her “date boxes”

Ash and I really wanted to give our social media star of a sister something that was ‘gram worthy, especially after the super luxe bachelorette party we just came home from. One of the biggest difficulties I came across with this event was keeping it more "mature" and "elegant." Scanning Pinterest for ideas is great, but for anything Harry Potter themed, it seemed to really be aimed more towards kids or had too much of a Halloween vibe. I was determined to not fall in to either of those categories, and I have to say, we were shockingly successful at avoiding that.


While we were easily able to DIY a vast majority of the decor, some things are definitely out of my wheelhouse! Thankfully, we are truly blessed with some amazing local vendors here in Omaha, who took the theme we wanted and a few example pictures and ran with it. Ultimately, they delivered something even better than I imagined. I absolutely loved working with each of them, and if you are local or even within a decent driving distance, I highly suggest you use each of them for your next event. Like seriously, they were all a dream! Here's a quick list with links for you:

Sugar Cookies - Sweet's Anonymous

Cake - The Chocolate's Bar

Floral Arrangements - Bou.quet

Charcuterie & Decor - ME (and I'm always willing to help a sista out) 

Sugar Cookies by Sweets Anonymous (my awesome coworker)

Sugar Cookies by Sweets Anonymous (my awesome coworker)

Cake by The Chocolate’s Bar; Topper by Acrylic Art Design on Etsy

Cake by The Chocolate’s Bar; Topper by Acrylic Art Design on Etsy

This was my first time having a themed gift party, and it was so much fun, I highly suggest it. We had everyone gift her with a date night accompanied by a card to explain the date. Then a photo album for them to put the date card along with pictures from the date to build some memories. It was really so much fun to see what everyone put together for them. My older sister and I got them some campfire cups from The Parks Project and a year pass the US National Parks, and it really made me wonder why I had never thought of that as a gift before! How fun is that, and what a way to really push you to hit as many of them in the year as you can!


Okay, I know, we've all seen the meme about how annoying it is to read a million paragraphs of a bloggers life story before getting to the goodies. So here is a quick peek at our day celebrating Jordyn and Monty!  

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