Our Top 5 Baby Food Pairings

It's officially my favorite time of year again...farmer's market season! I love packing the kids up and letting them pick out local fruits and veggies, while we sip on fresh lemonade, and pick up an awesome bouquet, as they ask for every sweet treat and handmade toy they pass. Literally, nothing better. 

I love it so much, if it's in season, and we're out of town, I will even look for one we've never been to. So far we've done Des Moines, Dallas, Springfield, Waco, Kansas City, and recently, the kids and I even made it to one in Bentonville. Something about this season is extra fun when I have a baby in the house to make food for. I live for the days when my kids don't have the ability to complain about the food I make them. Praise the good Lord they don't come out talking. 

Before you start to make quick judgement calls about how great I am at this mom life, let me just tell you we all make this mom shit look easier to each other in our own ways. My sister is, like, the queen of structured, Montessori-style play; which totally blows my “just grab that toy your brother left out on the floor five days ago” routine out of the water. My niece walks around with perfectly coiffed pigtail curls; meanwhile, back at the ranch, my youngest daughter is running around like Mowgli with her loose curls stuck to her face, and God only knows what weird ass toy that came from a ridiculous mystery pack they put at the Target checkout. Dick move, Target. My point being, we all have something we're pretty awesome at in motherhood, my talents happen to be best used in the kitchen…or on birthday parties, but that’s for another day. 

I wish I could tell you that all of my love for fresh produce has given me children who are super healthy eaters, that love their veggies, and eat whole, fresh foods, and nothing processed...but then I'd be lying to you. Just like every other mom, I've rushed through McDonald's between work and soccer practice to grab enough chicken nuggets to feed an army, thrown it on the table while I go change out of scrubs, before the mad dash out the door with kids still chewing as they roll out of the car to run a mile before practice. For all you mom's with better methods during sports season, bless your hearts, you are so much more advanced than me! But, what it has given me, is a chance to make a few memories, and hopefully an impact on my kids for when they become parents. Annnnnnd, at least some opportunity to get them to try a few new foods.

On the rare occasion I get a Saturday or Sunday with a few hours free, I love nothing more than mixing and mashing away at new flavor combos for my little one’s pouches and jars. What's even better, my girls are at an age where not only do they love helping pick out all of our cheap, awesome, farmer's market finds; they can help with the chopping, steaming, and mashing, and we can make a whole day of it. Nothing screams happy childhood like making baby food for your little brother while jamming to Post Malone and Frank Sinatra with your mom in the kitchen. Go hood or go home, that's what I always say. 

Just last weekend I had my first chance of the season to stock the fridge and freezer with my own pouch pairings for Sonny and I want to share some of our favorites with you (see the photo carousel below)! I promise, it's easy enough a dad can do it. So, pull out that cutting board, plug in the Instant Pot, get that Ninja or blender ready, and go on and get you the Infantino pouch filling station, because you're about to make this crunchy mama life your bitch. 



Note: If I have leftover puree, and not enough to fill a pouch, I put some under no sugar added yogurt in tiny mason jars for a morning snack! Even our toddler loves them!

**Photos edited with Presets by Jo Mobile**